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Children take part in many different activities during the school year in St Rose’s. This is just an overview of some of the activities that the children enjoy. Activities in St Rose’s take place during the school day as most children travel on the bus straight after school.


We are fortunate in St Rose’s to be in close proximity to the Tallaght community swimming pool. Children take part in swimming lessons in alternating four week blocks, with the swimming gala at the end of the year!


Children often enjoy taking part in the chess club during some lunch times, and and chess is often a favourite activity in the classroom.


The St Rose’s choir is a great addition to school events and concerts such as the Christmas concert, masses, confirmation and the graduation ceremony.

Running Club

The Cross country running club participates in several local competitions and is very popular among the children.

Green Schools

Our Green School’s committee meets once or twice a month and helps the children to combat Litter and Waste in the school and the wider community, as well as other environmental issues.


Children enjoy their lessons with Bodrán buzz, learning about different types of rhythms and learning to perform together in groups.

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